What type of Unpopular Men for Women?

What type of Unpopular Men for Women

Woman interested to man is not solely because of physical or property issue, there are not a few women who are very concerned about the nature or the behavior of men before they try to know better. Women also tend to be avoided if there is a man who they dislike.

So, what kind of guy who avoided by a woman? Here is a man kind who is not attractive in the eyes of women:

1. Stingy man
When dating this type of man tried to tighten the budget date. Men of this type also never attempted to give flowers to his lover. When a date he will also choose the cheapest wine.

Why not draw? In the first date a man should give a different color and atmosphere. Money or budget is not something that should be discussed in the first date.

2. Selfish men
This man can judge others. This guy probably not drink or smoke. He also do not hesitate to tell others to follow his lifestyle. From the first date, the man has dare to forbid his lover to do things that doesn’t he like.

3. Men who are not independent
This is too emotional kind of guy and always wanted to share all his feelings. Men of this type also have doubts about him. Why is this type is not attractive in the eyes of women? Confidence and independence is a trait that makes him look sexy in her eyes. So when the man felt uncomfortable and always make feel dependent a woman will no longer interested.

Most women find a strong partner, where they can lean and depend. So if that happens the opposite, then she will shy away.

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